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  company profile

Product Development & Analysis (PDA) was started by leading industry professionals over 18 years ago with the goal of being a one stop solution provider of state of the art design, development, validation, analysis, prototyping and low volume contract manufacturing for defense, transportation, power generation, medical, and general engineering sectors.

PDA has grown over the years into just that. We are very proud of the multitude of projects we have undertaken and the wide range of industries we continue to be serving.

  what we do

Providing engineering and manufacturing services.

Product Development & Analysis (PDA) has combined over 60 years of experience in metalcast, plastic and FRP composite product development, redesign, and reverse engineering using CAE techniques and Rapid Prototyping tools. PDA has been a virtual partner - providing innovative, integrated design, development, value engineering and manufacturing solutions and tools to the US
Military, OEM's and tier suppliers. PDA also partners with professional societies and OEM's to develop innovative materials, tools and processes using government-funded contract research and development.

PDA has experience in new product development, reverse engineering and redesign of over 500 components with varying complexity. PDA offers failure analysis, problem solving, cost reduction, quality and performance improvement, and optimization using a combination of knowledge base, experience and CAE tools.

  Computer Aided Engineering  tools (CAE)

Computer Aided Design CAD
Product Development & Analysis (PDA) uses CAD tools to develop your product concept from the drawing board to manufacturing. PDA is able to design and develop complex solid models (rough casting, tooling and finish machined), sub-assemblies and assemblies from ideas and sketches. 3D prototypes and 2D manufacturing drawings are digitally created to get products to the market efficiently.
Finite Element Analysis FEA
PDA has the ability to perform product design and performance validations using its FEA tools. PDA specializes in FEA-based tests and evaluations for the shock, vibration, static and dynamic loadings, impact, transient thermal as well as linear and non-linear structural analysis. Whether your product is in the design phase or you?re looking to increase the life and/or performance of an existing product or conduct a pre-qualification before functional test and evaluation, PDA's Finite
Element Analysis experts are there for you. FEA allows our experts to run products thru a wide variety of severe conditions that they may experience during their lifetime. FEA also allows optimization of products e.g. weight minimization. Suggestions or changes are then made to increase the overall functionality of the product.
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD
Using its CFD tools, PDA has the expertise to perform product and system performance validations, such as fluid thermal interactions. CFD tools allow us to model the air and other fluid flow throughout the system. If required, it can be coupled with thermal boundary conditions to stream line and optimize the end performance. The tool also enables us to simulate flow driven motions, flow behaviors of rotating elements such as fan blade and impellers, as well as
turbulence and non-Newtonian flow modeling. CFD allows us to model natural and forced convection problems, such as electronic packaging and heat sink. Our trace particle animations allow engineers to visualize the flow path very clearly.
Manufacturing Process Modeling
When it comes to cast metal, plastic and composite components; part geometry, tooling design and process parameters are key to ensuring an optimum design, a quality part with minimal scrap, higher reliability and reproducibility. PDA pioneered the use of Casting Process Simulation as a tool for Concurrent Product and Process Development (CPPD) and has the expertise to design and validate the expensive tooling, there by, eliminating the rework cost and time
delays with traditional trial and error approach. PDA also often uses the Process Simulation as a Problem Solution tool to improve the quality of an existing cast part, yielding cost reductions.
  our mission

Clearly understand customer?s requirements and problems; design, develop, validate and provide fully integrated, turn-key solutions on time and within budgeted costs with the support of our valued contract manufacturing partners and original equipment providers.

  our memberships

Product Development & Analysis (PDA) is proud to be an active member in the following professional societies and associations :

American Foundry Society (AFS)

National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)

Association of the United States Army (AUSA)

American Composite Manufactures Assoc. (ACMA)

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